How to Make Beaded Crowns

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Make a beaded crown for a costume party, for children's pretend play or for a dress-up accessory for a favourite stuffed animal. The crowns are easy to make and are a relatively inexpensive craft project.

Use a stiff jewellery wire to keep the crown's shape for a night of dancing at an adult costume party or use chenille stems instead for a craft a child can make. A beaded crown craft can also be used for a party activity at a child's little princess celebration.

Measure the circumference of the crown wearer's head approximately 1 inch above the ears. Cut a piece of jewellery wire to this length plus ½ inch.

Thread seed beads onto the length of the wire, leaving ¼ inch of wire empty on each end. Use a single colour for the crown or make a pattern with glass seed beads. Wrap the beaded wire into a circle and use needle-nose pliers to wrap the two ends of the wire around each other to close the circle.

Cut seven lengths of jewellery wire, approximately 8 ½ inches in length each. Fold each length in half and thread a large bead onto the fold line on each piece of wire. Thread seed beads onto the sides of each length of wire, leaving ¼ inch length of wire empty on each side of each wire.

Lay the jewellery wire circle on a flat surface. Arrange the folded lengths of beaded wire around the circle and stretch out each piece until there are no spaces in between the lengths of wire around the circle.

Use the needle-nose pliers to wrap the ¼-inch ends of the lengths of wire around the beaded circle. Bend each of the folded lengths of wire to make the points for the crown. Crimp the wound ¼-inch ends tightly with the needle-nose pliers to keep the points standing upright.