How to use a corner trowel

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Drywall installation remains one of the most dreaded projects for the do-it-yourself handyman. The dread stems more from frustration than difficulty. Applying an even application of drywall joint compound, especially in hard-to-reach corners often results in multiple applications, lost time and a sore arm. Utilising the right tools helps ensure the drywall projects stays on schedule by making your work easier. One such tool is the corner trowel. This hand held device fits perfectly in corners and is used to flatten out drywall tape as well as compound. Proper corner trowel use results in a seamless and professional looking job.

Apply an even application of drywall joint compound, or "mud," to the wall corners you are working on. Work your way from the top all the way to the bottom.

Measure the length of the wall and cut a piece of drywall tape to that measurement.

Fold the drywall tape in half along the seam. Next, apply the tape to the wall with the fold fitting the corner. The mud holds the tape in place.

Hold a corner trowel with the angled edge pointed directly at the wall corner. Insert the trowel into the corner from the top and begin running the trowel along the entire length of the corner. Apply moderate pressure to flatten the drywall tape and to remove excess mud from underneath the tape.

Inspect the drywall tape and jointing compound for rough patches or pumps. The entire area must be completely smooth. Reapply the trowel if you find any imperfections. Reapply the mud and drywall tape if necessary. Getting a completely flat surface usually takes several attempts. Sand out minor imperfections.

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