How to remove creases & dents

Large creases and dents on a car normally require professional auto bodywork. However, small ones may be removed with a paintless dent removal (PDR) knockdown tool. These types of dents are usually caused by metal-on-metal contact, such as a car door hitting a panel in a car park. As the name implies, this type of dent removal helps you avoid having to repaint the affected area if done correctly.

Remove the panel with the creased dent from the vehicle. The method and tools required will vary depending on the type of vehicle and the location of the dent.

Place the panel facedown on a flat surface so that you can remove the dent from the back side.

Remove deeply recessed dents before working the crease. Dents that exceed 1 inch must be removed before you reshape the crease. Place the tip of the PDR knockdown tool on the highest part of the dent in the middle of the crease. Press lightly to slowly push the dent out until it is approximately even with the rest of the panel.

Place the PDR knockdown tool at one end of the crease and centre the tip on the raised area. Use the same technique to gently push out the crease until it is even with the rest of the panel. Repeat this process along the entire length of the crease until it is no longer recessed.

Examine the creased dent from the front to identify any areas where the metal may have been pushed too far causing a bulge. Place the tip of the PDR knockdown tool in the centre of any such areas. Strike the tool with a light hammer stroke to remove the bulge. Repeat this process until the panel is back in its original state.

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