How to Treat White Ants

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White ants or termites are pests that can destroy wood in your house for years. They have huge nests and colonies that sprawl throughout your home and can be difficult to locate and treat. There are several methods you can use to treat termites. Most of these methods require a professional pest expert but you can do some of them on your own. Center termite treatments on eliminating the queen of the nest, as her death means the colony can't spread.

Remove any wood that you have around the outside of your house, such as wood piles, stumps, wood shavings or garden decorations. This helps prevent attracting termites to your house.

Fix any leaking pipes in your home to deter them from seeking water in your home. Don't leave open water sources in your yard, if possible. Use dehumidifiers in your basement and home to remove the humid conditions termites prefer.

Use concrete slabs as physical barriers. Termites cannot chew through concrete. Place these around the edge of your home to prevent them from finding any cracks in your wood. Other physical barriers include metal, crushed rock and wire mesh.

Schedule regular termite inspections of your home during the summer seasons. Arrange these during the early spring to late summer seasons. Inspectors can spot early infestations, making treatments much easier and more effective.

Hire a professional to spray a chemical barrier around your home. A professional will spray the area around your home, underneath foundations and concrete slabs. This method also kills termites that venture outside and spread the chemicals to other termites in your home.

Purchase a pest control system, such as the Raid traps. Place these in areas you suspect are trafficked by the termites. They become infested with the poison and take it back to their nest.

Install reticulation systems in your home. These are barriers inside and outside of your home that poison termites if they enter your home and alert if you if they enter. Purchase them online or at pest control stores.

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