How to seal a paracord end

Paracord is very strong rope designed to support the weight of a person hanging from a parachute. But some creative people are putting it to other uses, including making jewellery, bracelets and key chains. When you do this, you have to cut the paracord to length. Since it is a nylon rope, a cut end can fray and look unsightly. To solve this problem, you have to seal the end of the paracord. This process isn't technically complicated, but needs to be done correctly so the end does not burn.

Determine the length you need for your paracord project, cut the rope to length using the scissors and try to make as straight a cut as possible.

Hold the pliers approximately 1/8-inch from the cut end of the paracord. Turn on the lighter or mini-torch, then quickly run the flame over the frayed or cut end of the paracord. Do this once or twice until the end is melted, but be careful not to burn it.

Allow the paracord to cool down for a few minutes. Touch the end with your fingers to make sure there are no remaining strands. If necessary, apply the flame to the end again.

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