How to Stop Microsoft OneNote From Running at Startup

Microsoft OneNote is a Microsoft Office utility that allows you to take notes, categorise them, and even access or share them online with optional Windows Live account access. To facilitate access to OneNote's basic features, a OneNote component known as Side Note launches automatically and runs in the background each time Windows starts. While you can close Side Note manually from the right-click context menu, unless it's disabled it will continue launching when Windows starts.

Click the Windows orb and click "Control Panel" on the right. Click the "System and Security" option at the top of the Control Panel list to access the Windows system options.

Click "Administrative Tools" to open a Windows Explorer window containing the Windows administrative tools shortcuts. Double-click the "System Configuration" link to launch the Windows system configuration tool.

Click the "Startup" tab in the system configuration tool. A list appears containing all of the programs that are scheduled to launch during Windows start-up. Scroll down the list and locate the Microsoft Office OneNote entry.

Click the box next to the OneNote entry on the start-up list; the check mark in the box disappears. Click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the system configuration tool to apply the change, and then click "OK."

Click the "Restart" button when prompted to restart the computer if you wish to enact the change immediately; click "Do Not Restart" if you want to manually restart your computer later. When you restart, the change to OneNote's settings will take effect and the program won't launch when Windows boots up again.

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