How to Get the Color Pink Back Into Your Lips

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Maintain your natural lip colour by pampering your lips once or twice a week with a lip scrub. Over time, your lips may loose their natural pink colour due to age, sun exposure, wearing too much high pigment lipstick and diet. Regaining naturally pink lips takes a short amount of time and can be done using a home-based remedy that consists of sugar and water. Add other natural ingredients, such as honey or salt, to increase moisture and help with chapped lips.

Remove any trace of lipstick or gloss from your lips. The easiest way to achieve a bare lip, if the lipstick or gloss will not come off, is to apply petroleum jelly to the lip, and let it sit on your lips for two minutes.

Use a cotton ball or soft cotton towel to gently rub off the lipstick or gloss.

Mix together a lip scrub by combining 1/2 tbsp white sugar and 1/2 tsp water. Add more water if necessary; however, the sugar should be slightly wet, not soaking.

Rub the mixture gently on your lips using your fingers. The lip scrub is meant to exfoliate your lips, not rub them raw.

Use a warm, wet washcloth to gently remove the scrub from your lips. When wiping the scrub away, use gentle, circular strokes.

Apply a lip balm or lip moisturiser to your lips to hold in the moisture.

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