How to Design Your Own IKEA Room

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IKEA is a Swedish line of furniture, accessories and accent pieces that can be purchased across the globe. IKEA is best known for its reasonably priced, simplistic designs that almost always require some assembly. IKEA hosts a wide variety of bedroom furniture and accessories that can help transform the look of your current bedroom into your own, new creative space. IKEA has many styles, colours and designs to choose from. With a little planning and time, you can create your own unique bedroom space.

Look through an IKEA catalogue. If you do not have a catalogue, you can access IKEA furniture via their website or request a catalogue online. Make notes on pages with items that you like. This will make for easier shopping later.

Make a list of things you must have in your new bedroom. Think of the size bed you want, how much storage you need, how much furniture you want in your room, how much lighting and what colours you would like in your new bedroom.

Go to the IKEA store and browse the IKEA showroom. The upstairs portion of IKEA contains built pieces of furniture in well-decorated display bedrooms. Take note of things you like.

Consult with an IKEA employee. An IKEA employee can help place the order for your bedroom furniture, which will be picked up at their warehouse. The IKEA warehouse is likely located at the same location as the store or within minutes of the store. The employee can also tell you what furniture can be picked up in the self-serve section of the store and what aisles the items are located in.

Browse the Marketplace portion of IKEA. This is the downstairs section of IKEA with plenty of bedding sets, wall decor, vases, candles, lighting and other accessories. Grab a cart and pick up the items you may have selected while browsing the catalogue or the showroom.

Pick up your self-serve furniture items, check out and head to the warehouse for furniture pickup.

Build your furniture. Pay close attention to the pictures in directions to make sure you are building the furniture properly. Arrange the furniture as you desire.

Accessorise your new room. Pull out the bedding, lamps, wall art and other accessories you purchased and place them as you desire.

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