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One of the most effective hand combat weapons ever devised by man are brass knuckles. These amazing weapons consist of four-fingered rings welded together in one solid piece of metal. Many people use them for self-defence, because they improve the punching power in a brutal way. Brass knuckles can also hurt their own users if they don't punch correctly. First learn how to punch prior to wielding your brass knuckles.

Learn the meaning and mechanics of an effective punch. Use your complete body, including legs, shoulders, hips, arm and fist. The difference between a regular punch and one using brass knuckles is that the former requires direct impact using your whole extended arm. When throwing a punch wielding brass knuckles, your strike should be a bit more curved along the arms, but keeping the wrist straight. This will decrease the direct impact on your bones, diminishing the risk of injury.

Familiarise with your own body and practice punches before using brass knuckles. This will help you keep active, and you will get used to the sensation of throwing effective punches. Practice with a punchbag and concentrate. Elevate the intensity and speed when necessary.

Put on the brass knuckles by placing the fingers into the four small holes and draw them across the palm. Press the thumb towards the forefinger.

Stand putting your legs shoulder width, and bend your knees slightly. Step forward with the foot on the side of the arm that won't punch. Bend your hips in order to charge energy for the strike. Hips and shoulders will turn when throwing the punch. Press your punching hand to form a tight fist. Don't get your thumb close to your fingers.

Clear your mind, aim the target, focus and throw your powerful punch. Keep your wrist extended in one direction, without a curve. However, do throw your punches on a slanted direction. Hit your target with the two knuckles closest to your thumb, since these are the hardest to be broken.

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