How to Decorate Over the Kitchen Stove

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Cooks spend many hours looking at the bare wall behind their stove as they prepare meals. Decorating the space above your kitchen stove adds texture, colour and design to the wall. It is important to remember that this area is subjected to steam and splashes of grease and other food debris. Choose items made of materials you can clean efficiently without danger of harming the finish.

Hang a framed picture under glass that coordinates with the theme in your kitchen, such as a rooster or fruit. Frames made of faux wood, metal or plastic ensure quick cleanup.

Install a backsplash over your kitchen stove. Backsplashes come in a variety of materials and are often decorative tile that cleans easily. This creates a backdrop that is decorative as well as functional.

Hang a shelf above the stove to display vintage copper kettles or other kitchen decor. This is also a handy place to put cooking-utensil holders, cookbooks and other necessities.

Screw in decorative hooks or mount a magnetic strip over the kitchen stove. This is another idea that is decorative as well as functional, since you can hang kitchen tools from the hooks or magnetic strip.

Hang attractive pot holders, oven gloves and dishtowels on hooks over the kitchen stove. Choose designs and colours that coordinate with the kitchen theme.

Mount a wall platter using a plate holder that attaches to the wall. This is an interesting way to display colourful platters that are used rarely and take up extra cabinet space.

Attach a washable kitchen clock over the stove. This is a convenient way to time foods in the oven or on the hob.

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