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How to Calculate My Rising Sign in Astrology

Updated April 17, 2017

Your rising, or ascendant, sign is the zodiac sign that was rising over the horizon at the time of your birth. It reflects both your "appearance" in the world and the appearance you present to other people as you make your way through life. Rather than being a false "mask," it is a superficial side that you reveal to strangers and in new circumstances where you don't feel comfortable enough to show your true self. With some basic information about your birth, you can calculate this significant element of your astrological chart.

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Find the exact date and time you were born. Look up the information on your birth certificate or ask your parents to ensure accuracy. Rising signs change about every two hours, which makes it critical that you determine the time of your birth to the exact minute.

Locate the city where you were born. Your birth place determines the time zone to use in calculating your rising sign and whether Daylight Savings Time will affect the calculation.

Enter your birth date, time and city into a Rising sign calculator like the one at the Astrology Library: Use military time -- which numbers the hours of the day from 0 to 23 -- to indicate your birth time. If you were born at 1 p.m., for instance, enter your birth hour as 13. Click "Next" to discover your sign.

Study the short description of your rising sign that the calculator generates to confirm its accuracy. The description provides a brief introduction to how your ascendant influences the way people perceive you.

Meet with an experienced astrologer to determine your rising sign if you don't know your exact birth time. While it is possible to find your rising sign even if your birth time is unknown, Astrology Library recommends that the techniques used be carried out in person rather than over the Internet.


Your rising sign can influence your physical appearance. For instance, Sagittarius-rising individuals tend to be tall with large teeth, Libra-rising people possess great beauty and those with Scorpio as their rising sign have piercing eyes.

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