How to introduce yourself in a business letter

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A business letter can be a sure-fire way to leave a lasting first impression. The stress over finding just the right words to represent yourself professionally is assuaged by using a few simple tips. Good business letter habits use professional language and a conversational tone.

Keep it short, taking care not to linger on family and hobbies. Focus on your reasons for writing and other information pertinent to the recipient. Whether you are writing a complaint letter or a cover letter, making a good impression will get positive results.

Begin the letter with a friendly hello. Address the recipient with the person's full name, including Mr., Mrs. or Ms. Use courteous language that gives a clear picture of who you are. Use only essential information; give an overview and omit detailed information. If your letter involves a complaint, a response or an order, be more concise. For these types of business letters, briefly introduce yourself with your name and your association to the company.

State the reason for writing. A businessperson will appreciate a direct approach, so use clear language to inform the recipient of the reason for your letter. Define your goal prior to beginning the letter; knowing what you want to accomplish with the letter will help you eradicate extraneous language.

Mention your qualifications. This is most useful when writing cover letters. Include information about your training, education and current employment. Merely making a list will not grab the reader's attention; instead, organise the information in a way that represents you as the best person for the job.