How to Tell If Honeydew Is Ready to Eat?

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Selecting a ripe honeydew melon allows you to enjoy the sweet and juicy fruit. A honeydew melon that has not ripened will not taste as sweet and it may have a tough texture. An overripe honeydew melon may spoil more quickly and have a mushy texture. Whether you are selecting a melon from your home garden, grocery store or farmer's market, taking the time to pick a ripe honeydew melon is important to enjoy the rich sweet flavour.

Examine the honeydew melon colour. Ripe honeydew will have a golden yellow colour, while an unripe melon will appear beige and may have yellow or green stripes. The skin should be smooth and waxy, not dusky.

Smell the honeydew melon to determine if it has a sweet smell. A noticeably sweet smell indicates a ripe melon.

Press down on the melon lightly. A ripe melon will feel firm but not rock hard. Avoid melons with soft spots; this usually indicates an overripe melon. However, the end opposite the stem should be slightly springy when pressed.

Shake the melon carefully and listen. Overripe honeydew melons will make a slight rattling sound because the fibres have separated.

Tap on the honeydew melon lightly. If the melon makes a deep sound then it has finished ripening. If you hear hollow sound, then the melon needs to finish ripening.

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