How to write a letter requesting a shift transfer

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When writing a letter to your employer, you must put your best foot forward. One reason to write a letter is to request a shift change. For example, if you are working an overnight shift, but would like to change to an earlier shift, your employer likely requires you to formally request such a change. Alternatively, you may need to change shifts because of health reasons. Whatever the reason, your letter should be brief and to the point.

Type in the date, employer name and address on the left side of the screen, each on its own line. Include a subject line below the address. Include a greeting below the subject line. Double space these lines. For example:


Employer Name

111 Employer Address Road

Employer City, State Zip

Re: Shift Request

Dear Human Resources,

Write the detail of the letter, in single-spaced format. Include your current shift, the requested shift and the reason for the shift-change request. Include any other relevant information, such as permission gained from other employees to change shifts.

End the letter with a signature block. Leave space to sign the document. For example:

Thank you.


Employee Name

Review your letter for spelling and grammatical errors. Correct them.

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