How to Check Your Virgin Mobile Voice Mail

Virgin Mobile services use prepaid, or "pay as you" go phones. Rather than talk or service plans under a contract, users can purchase airtime, talk when they want and re-up their minutes if they want to. Virgin Mobile service includes voice mail at no extra charge. Any calls you miss or choose not to answer are automatically sent to the voice mailbox. Virgin Mobile provides an easy way to check your voice mail and listen to recorded messages.

Set up your Virgin Mobile voice mail if you have not already done so. Press and hold the "1" key on your Virgin Mobile phone to dial directly into your voice mail.

Select a four- to six-digit pass code. You will be required to enter this pass code to access your voice mail messages. When prompted, record your name and a greeting. When you finish, any incoming calls that you don't answer will be automatically sent to your voice mail.

Press "1" on your key pad if you see a new voice mail alert on your phone's screen.

Enter the pass code you created to log into your voice mail account. Listen to your new voice mail messages. Press "7" after each voice mail if you want to delete it.

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