How to find out your PUK code on a vodafone

By default, the PIN code for any Vodafone SIM card is "0000." So if your cellphone ever prompts for the PIN code, you should enter this code into your phone. Users get three attempts to enter the correct PIN code. If you enter an incorrect code each time, a PUK code is enabled on your Vodafone SIM card, barring you from accessing the Vodafone SIM card on your phone until you input this code.

Contact Vodafone customer support by dialling 191 if you are calling from a Vodafone mobile, or 08700-700191 if you are calling from any other phone in the UK. Overseas consumers may reach the company by dialling 00447836191191.

Request the officer to furnish the PUK code for your Vodafone SIM card. Before revealing the PUK code, the agent will ask some questions to verify your identity.

Power off the cellphone and then power it back on. Enter the PUK code into the phone when prompted.

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