How to Troubleshoot Domestic Awnings

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Domestic awnings provide useful shade during the summer over decks and patios or above windows and external doors around the edge of your home. Troubleshooting problems in working your awning involves verifying the electricity supply and the controls are working correctly. You should troubleshoot your awning as soon as you realise there is a problem so you don't lose shade around your home for long. Many people choose to troubleshoot their appliances before calling for service to prevent unnecessary repair visits or to solve minor technical problems.

Check that the awning is plugged in and switched on, if possible. Some electric awnings are controlled by a power switch inside your home that must be turned on. If your awning uses an outlet inside your home, make sure that is switched on. Don't connect your awning to an extension cord or multi-plug adaptor.

Check your circuit breakers or fuses; a tripped breaker or blown fuse could be preventing power from reaching your awning. Reset the circuit breaker or swap out the fuse with an identical replacement. Contact an electrician if you are unsure how to change a fuse in your fuse box.

Change the batteries in your awning remote if you haven't used the motor in a while. Awning remote controls usually use AA, AAA or small circular batteries. Take the dead battery with you to the store when you purchase a replacement to help you find the same type. The batteries in the remote are sometimes located beneath a screwed-down cover.

Hit the "Reset" button on the side of the awning's motor, if possible. A fault in the internal computer could be preventing the awning from working properly. The reset button is sometimes located on the awning's outlet. Try extending the awning using the remote once the motor has been reset.

Adjust the awning's "Open/Close" limit settings; the motor might be operating normally under the wrong settings. Automatic awnings know when to stop moving in or out because of the "Open/Close" limit settings. Check your owner's manual for precise programming instructions.

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