How to Decorate a Wedding Suite

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After a busy day posing for photos, dancing and greeting guests, a bride and groom are usually worn out. The wedding night is a time to relax together and enjoy each other's company for the first time as husband and wife. Decorating the bride and groom's wedding suite is a thoughtful way to welcome them to their room.

The maid of honour typically decorates the couple's wedding night room, but any friend or relative could do this for the newlyweds.

Consider the couple's style and any special considerations when purchasing wedding suite decorations. Fresh flowers or perfume are off-limits if the groom has a floral allergy or the bride hates strong scents. Check with the location the bride and groom chose for their wedding night about lighting candles, as this may not be permitted. A safer alternative is purchasing battery-operated candles.

Gather all the decorating supplies into a tote bag. Keep this in your hotel room, your date's car or another location where it will be easily accessible on the wedding night. Ask the groom to borrow his hotel key or if the couple isn't checking in until after the wedding or reception, call the accomodation and let them know to expect you.

Leave the wedding reception slightly early and head to the wedding suite to decorate. If the reception is held at the same venue, slip out to decorate in the middle of the dancing and come back to the party. Decorate before the wedding starts if the wedding suite is a significant distance from the wedding location.

Decorate the bed first. Spread rose petals on the bed in the shape of a heart or create the bride and groom's initials. Set candles on the bedside tables; ask the hotel to light the candles for you before the bride and groom arrive if you aren't using battery-operated ones. Spritz perfume on the light bulbs for a touch of scent unless allergies are an issue. If you've brought fresh flowers, arrange them in a vase on the desk or a table.

Ask the front desk for an ice bucket (if there isn't one in the room) and put a bottle of champagne or other special beverage on ice before leaving. Include a note from you or the entire bridal party congratulating the new Mr. and Mrs. next to the ice bucket, along with a box of chocolates or another treat.