How to Clean a Washing Machine Drawer

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

The detergent drawer on a washing machine is an important component to the washer's proper operation. Many washing machine drawers have separate compartments for different types of laundry products, including detergent, fabric softener and chlorine bleach. If the different products do not dispense as expected during the wash cycle, the detergent drawer may be stuck. Solve the problem by cleaning the drawer.

Open the detergent drawer slowly until it stops.

Push down on the lock tab in the back rear corner of the drawer, typically on the left side. This will release the drawer completely from the washing machine.

Lift out the inserts from the different compartments in the drawer.

Wash the drawer and the inserts with 1 gallon hot water and ¾ cup liquid chlorine bleach. Use a soft brush to clean all sides of the drawer and the inserts. Rinse well until no more bleach can be detected.

Clean the opening of the drawer on the washing machine with a clean, damp brush. Wipe away any residue from laundry products.

Wipe the drawer and inserts dry. Return the inserts to their proper position. Slide the drawer back into position until it clicks into place.

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