How to Remove Green Moss From an Outside Brick Wall

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Brick's lifetime durability and attractive appearance make the masonry optimum for outside walls and other hardscapes. Although low maintenance, brick walls can acquire green moss growth. Moss generally invades brick walls located in damp areas close to shrubs and overhanging tree branches. Poorly drained soil, inadequate air circulation and improper lawn maintenance surrounding brick walls can also contribute to moss growth. Although some homeowners find natural beauty in moss, others find it unsightly. Remove green moss from an outside brick wall using common supplies.

Lay plastic sheeting over the ground at the base of the brick wall. Plastic sheeting protects vegetation from the chemicals in cleaning solutions.

Scrub the brick wall with a heavy-duty scrub brush to loosen the green moss. Dislodge as much moss from the wall as possible.

Create a moss-killing solution of 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 10 cups of cool water. Mix the bleach solution in a plastic pail.

Apply the bleach solution to the brick wall to expunge all lingering moss. Using the heavy-duty brush, scrub the solution over the affected bricks.

Rinse the wall to flush away the loosened moss and bleach solution. Let the wall air-dry.

Expose the brick wall to more sunlight to discourage future moss growth. Using pruning shears, cut back nearby shrubs and overhanging tree branches.

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