How can I buy CeraVe?

Nastco/iStock/Getty Images

CeraVe is a line of skincare products. These products are designed to moisturise and protect your skin, as well as help to heal sun-damaged or dry skin. If you're interested in buying CeraVe products, you'll have to do so from one of a few very specific places. There are no official stockists in the UK, but it is available from some specialist importers.

Browse through the CeraVe website to read about their different products and decide which you would like to try. Don't bother with the "Store Locator" section of the site -- they don't have any UK outlets listed.

Go to Amazon UK. Some retailers on the site sell CeraVe products.

Try some international sales websites. For example Fishpond (see Resources) will ship CeraVe products from the USA with no shipping charges.

Pay for your CeraVe products online and give your shipping address. Wait for the CeraVe creams to arrive by post.

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