How to Decorate a Bedside Table

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The bedside table is an oft overlooked and neglected space in a room. While they are usually resigned to holding pocket contents, random papers and the everyday alarm clock, bedside tables do not have to be boring or cluttered.

By carefully choosing a few decorations and swapping out mundane pieces for more stylish elements, your bedside table can help pull the look of your bedroom together.

Designate other areas for the items that usually crowd a bedside table, such as reading glasses, books and magazines. Use a drawer, under bed storage container or shelf for these items instead.

Place a table that is large enough to hold your decor next to your bed. The last thing you want is for everything to end up looking crowded together. A bedside table that's too small can also lead to items falling off of it, creating a hazard. If you haven't bought your bedside table yet, purchase it after your buy your accessories. If you already have a bedside table you want to use, keep its size in mind when buying your decor.

Place up to four decorative elements on your bedside table. Common items to use are a lamp, photo frame, vase, clock or miniature statue. Choose the things you're most likely to use. For instance, if you use an alarm clock to wake up and need a lamp to read at night, those two items are essentials for your bedside table.

Ensure the decorations you choose match the rest of your bedroom; use your bedside table to tie together your room's colour scheme or decorative theme. For example, if your room colours are mocha, lime and cream, using a lime vase with cream-coloured flowers, mocha photo frame and cream-coloured lamp would look cohesive.