How to Haggle the Price on a Mini Cooper

Mini Coopers are marked up by dealerships to maximise profits. All the salesmen at the dealership will employ every trick in the book to get you to purchase the vehicle at, or close to, the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). However, any smart shopper knows it is possible to haggle your way to a much lower price. This can be accomplished by keeping your guard up and following a few basic rules.

Do market research on the Mini Cooper you are interested in purchasing. Memorise how much each upgrade costs and what other people on the Internet have purchased the same model for. This will allow you to quickly spot whether or not you are truly getting a good price.

Refrain from acting excited during your entire time with the salesmen, including the test-drive. Not letting your emotions show gives you the upper hand, since the salesmen will not be able to read your emotions.

Go through the list of fees the dealership will add to the final price of the car. Many of these fees are bogus and can be easily negotiated off the list. For example, some dealerships charge a dealer prep fee for removing plastic films off the seats, vacuuming the car and preparing it to be sold. This usually takes about two hours and can cost you over £325. Another bogus fee you can negotiate away is the window VIN etching. Some dealers charge over £195 for this, even though you can get the same kit for about £13 at any auto parts store and do it yourself. By telling the salesmen you will not pay for these bogus charges, you will be able to considerably reduce the amount of fees added to the final price.

Pretend to leave if the salesmen will not give you a fair price. Salesmen do not want to see you leave. They may give in once you pretend to walk towards your car. Even if they do not, there are always other Mini Cooper dealerships and salesmen you can try to negotiate with.

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