How to install a pool skimmer box

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Every pool should have a skimmer to remove insects, pollen, leaves and other debris from the water. You can install a skimmer box on your above-ground pool using some simple tools. Insert the unit about halfway up the water line in the side of the pool to allow it to circulate the water. Two seals prevent leaking. The plumbing to keep the skimmer running is connected to the outside of the pool .

Look in the skimmer kit for a template. Some kits include these paper guides for cutting the hole for the skimmer in the pool wall.

Drain water from the pool until the water level drops just below where the skimmer will be installed.

Hold the skimmer or the template up to the outer wall of the pool. Using a permanent marker, trace around the skimmer or template outline directly onto the outer pool wall. Mark the locations of the screw holes.

Use a razor or knife to cut out the shape of the skimmer in the pool wall. Make sure to cut through the pool wall and liner. Discard the material you cut out. If the pool skimmer box doesn't fit securely into the hole, trim away more pool wall and liner from the sides of the square to make it fit.

Drill into the wall to make holes for the screws, following the markings. Put place-holder screws in the holes to keep the vinyl liner from moving under the weight of the water.

Place the skimmer on the outer wall, lined up with the screw holes. Put the square, rubber seal included in the kit between the skimmer box and the wall, so that it is sandwiched tightly between them. Remove the place-holding screws, and drive in the real screws from the inside of the pool. The screws will extend through the vinyl liner and pool wall, and into the skimmer unit.

Put the faceplate seal included in the kit against the inner pool wall. Line up the screw holes. This seal is the same size and shape as the faceplate. Place the faceplate against the seal, so that the seal is between the faceplate and the inner pool wall.

Drive the screws through the faceplate, liner, pool wall, and skimmer unit. Tighten securely. Add water until the water level is halfway up the skimmer opening.

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