How to drain the oil from a clio 1.2

A vital part of keeping your Renault Clio 1.2 running great is changing the engine oil as required in your owner's manual. During a complete oil change, the engine oil must be drained from the sump pan before the oil filter is removed and fresh engine oil is added. Draining the oil is a straightforward process that should take as little as 15 minutes to complete. Use of a ramp is recommended.

Park the Clio 1.2 on a flat and level surface. Drive the front of the vehicle upon ramps for added clearance underneath the vehicle.

Move underneath the front of the vehicle and locate the Clio's sump pan. Spread a liberal amount of newspaper on the ground near the oil pan and place a catch pan underneath the pan's sump plug.

Use a socket wrench with an 8-mm square nut driver to remove the sump plug from the sump pan. Allow all of the oil to drain out of the Clio's sump pan. Replace the drain plug and move the catch pan out of the way when finished.

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