How to Sew Toy Dragon Patterns

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Many children enjoy playing with stuffed animals. Fantastical, colourful stuffed toys such as dragons may appeal to a child's sense of imagination. Toy dragons come in many forms and patterns and can appear happy, playful or fierce. You can fashion a toy dragon based upon a fairy tale, mythology or cultural images. Regardless of how you envision the ideal toy dragon for your child, you can sew a basic pattern.

Use a pencil to draw an image of a dragon onto a sheet of waxed paper. The image should be a simple side-view outline of a dragon. Draw on the side of the paper that is not coated in wax. Draw the image so that it is 1 inch wider on all sides than you would like your finished dragon to be.

Use scissors to cut the dragon image out from the waxed paper.

Fold your chosen fabric in half so that the good side is on the inside of the fold. This good side of fabric is the side with colour or patterns.

Pin the dragon image to your fabric. Pins should go through both sides of the folded fabric.

Use a pencil to trace around the dragon image so that an outline appears on the fabric.

Use scissors to cut the dragon pattern out of the fabric. Cut through both layers of folded fabric. Cut along the pencil line you have drawn.

Remove the pins and waxed paper.

Pin the two cut dragon shapes together again without the waxed paper. Place pins along the shapes' circumference, approximately 1/2 inch from the edge. Be sure that the good sides of the fabric are still touching each other.

Use a sewing machine to stitch the pinned dragon shapes together. Stitch approximately 1/2 inch from the edge, where you have placed the pins. Remove pins as you stitch. Leave approximately 3 inches of the circumference unstitched.

Turn the sewn dragon shape inside out so that the good sides of the fabric are showing.

Stuff the sewn shape with batting until you have reached the desired firmness for your toy dragon.

Thread the needle.

Use the threaded needle to sew the opening closed. Tuck the edges of the material inside the opening as you sew.

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