Bissell Dirtlifter Powerbrush Operating Instructions

Carpets and rugs can hold onto stains. You can remove these stains debris with the Bissell Dirtlifter PowerBrush. Before operating the machine, move furniture out of the way and plan to give your carpet two to three hours to dry before walking on it.

The machine requires water; hot water is efficient at loosening stains. Allow the tap water to heat up before adding it to the machine.

Vacuum the carpet before using the Bissell Driftlifter PowerBrush.

Press the handle release lever on the back of the shampooer with your foot. Lay down the handle.

Pull the tank by the handle from the base of the machine.

Rotate the handle on the tank forward to remove the lid. Over a sink, turn the tank over and locate the built-in measuring cup.

Pour carpet shampoo formula into the measuring cup up to the fill line. Then pour the contents of the cup into the tank. Replace the cup back into the tank.

Fill the tank with clean, hot tap water. Stop filling when the water reaches the tank's fill line.

Replace the lid on the tank and rotate the handle to secure it into place. Place the tank back onto the base of the machine. Make sure the tank is secure in the base. Move the tank handle into the latched position. Then force the machine handle into its upright position.

Plug the Bissell PowerBrush into a power outlet. Turn on the power switch.

Press the handle release lever with your foot to adjust the back handle.

Press the spray trigger underneath the handle to spray out the solution. While pressing the trigger, move the shampooer forward slowly over the stain.

Pull the shampooer backward over the same spot to suck up the loosened debris. Repeat the process until stain or dirt is removed.