How to Adjust Flag Hinges

Flag hinges can be mounted to any cabinet door. There are two separate parts of a flag hinge, the frame plate and the flag. There is a pin which comes out the top of the frame plate. The flag is mounted onto the pin and the two pieces then work together to open and close the door. Prior to fully tightening the screws securing the flag in place, it is recommended that you adjust the flag so that the cabinet door opens and closes smoothly.

Insert a small, flathead screwdriver into the hole located on the front of the flag hinge. Push down gently on the screwdriver and lift open the cover.

Loosen the four screws located inside the flag hinge. Do not remove the screws. Pull open the cover on the bottom of the frame plate.

Insert a 4-mm Allen key into the hole located underneath the cover of the frame plate. Turn the Allen key either left or right to adjust the hinge's height and compression.

Insert a 5-mm Allen key into the hole on the outer edge of the flag. Rotate the key either right or left to adjust the hinge's side to side position.

Tighten the four screws holding the flag in place. Push the flag door closed so that it clicks into place. Push the door on the bottom of the frame plate closed.

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