How do you reset a house alarm after a main power failure?

If the AC power goes out, your home could be left without proper protection from your home alarm system. Many alarm systems feature a backup battery to prevent this from happening and save you from having to reset the entire system. If your house alarm is equipped with a backup battery, you might not have to do anything to reset the system after a power failure. However, if your alarm displays an error message after the AC power is restored, follow a few simple steps to reset the control panel.

Press the "System" or "System Status" button on the security system panel twice to silence the "No AC" notification alarm.

Remove the backup battery from the back of the control panel once the AC power is restored.

Open the door of your electrical service panel and locate the circuit breaker that corresponds to your house alarm. Flip the circuit breaker to the "Off" position; allow the circuit breaker to remain in the "Off" position for five minutes before flipping it back to "On."

Reinsert the control panel's backup battery. Replace the old battery with a fresh one, if necessary.

Enter your four digit user code on the control panel keypad, then press the "Off" button. Repeat this step within five seconds to reset your house alarm.

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