How to get manufacturer's coupons mailed to you

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Often the coupons least used by consumers are those that are mailed or e-mailed directly from the manufacturer. Customers' opinions are valuable to a company. Manufacturers make significant decisions based on customer feedback.

While they would rather receive positive comments, negative comments sometimes reveal important needs for change or improvement. Because of this, many manufacturers offer coupons to encourage customer support and feedback. Coupons are available offering a range of values from discounted prices to free products.

Contact the manufacturer. Manufacturer websites are the best places to contact the company. Product packages typically provide the company website or phone number for customer contact. Explain to the customer support staff that you would like to try their product and wonder if the company provides any incentive coupons to encourage product use by new customers. If you are having trouble printing a manufacturer's coupon due to technical issues with an Internet printable coupon provider other than the company, do not contact the manufacturer. They will hardly ever offer to mail coupons due to technical issues. The exception to this is when you are unable to print from the manufacturer's own website or e-mail.

Complain to the manufacturer. Consider what you are complaining about before making the call to the manufacturer's customer support staff. Complaints regarding minor problems are welcome by the manufacturer as feedback. They will generally mail coupons to make up for loss of time or frustration you many have experienced, such as a container that was not full or a lid that was not sealed.

If the complaint has to do with larger issues such as spoilage, contamination and so on, you may be instructed to send the item to the manufacturer for testing. The company will typically pay for the shipping. Once the product is received, the manufacturer will give a refund and test the product. Free products or coupons will generally not be given. The returned product is a legal and liability concern for the manufacturer.

Compliment the manufacturer. Providing a testimonial or personal story regarding the success you have had with their product is valuable to a company and likely to be rewarded. Tell what you liked about the product or how it solved a problem. Your story may be passed on to the marketing department.

Sign up on the manufacturer's website to receive special offers, coupons and newsletters from the manufacturer. These coupons and offers are usually delivered via e-mail, but occasionally manufacturers will mail coupons and product samples to customers who are registered with their site.