The best way to get the crackle out of a vinyl record

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Collecting and listening to vinyl records is a passion for many people. Over the years, a lot of these records get covered in layers of dust and debris that causes them to crackle and click when you play them. Some vinyl collectors enjoy the sound of the crackle because they feel it gives the record a more vintage sound, while others find it annoying and search for ways to get rid of the crackling sound. If you're a vinyl record collector that has been searching for a remedy to your crackling collection, you might be surprised to find out that the solution can be found at your local drugstore.

Get a clean soft bristle toothbrush. It's a good idea to use a new one out of the package to ensure that the bristles don't have left over particles or residue on them from a previous use.

Moisten the brush with 90 per cent or higher isopropryl alcohol. You can get a bottle of isopropyl alcohol from your local drugstore or in the pharmacy section of other stores.

Place a clean soft towel or sheet on top of a table or clean hard surface and lay your record on top.

Brush the vinyl record very carefully with the toothbrush. Use light pressure and long strokes when brushing.

Rinse the brush with distilled water once you start to see dirt and lint gathering on the bristles. Distilled water can be purchased from your local grocery store. Moisten the brush again with isopropyl alcohol and continue brushing the record. Keep rinsing and cleaning until you have covered the entire surface area of the vinyl record.

Let the record air dry completely. Isopropyl alcohol usually dries quickly so drying time should be short. Once the record is completely dry, turn it over and proceed to clean the other side in the same way.

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