How to Fit and Wire a Mercedes Sprinter Tow

D Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a large cargo van with rear-wheel drive that is often used as a commercial vehicle. Having a tow bar installed on the Mercedes Sprinter is useful when using it for commercial duties and for hauling. You can install a tow bar on your Sprinter with a tow bar kit, available at most auto parts shops. To properly install a tow bar to your Mercedes Sprinter, follow the steps below.

Park the Sprinter on an even surface.

Take off the towing eye away from the right chassis rail of your Sprinter by unscrewing the surrounding bolts with a wrench, turning counterclockwise.

Assemble the cross bar found in the tow bar kit to the Sprinter's chassis holes and then loosely screw in its bolts and flat washers using your fingers.

Tighten the bolts at either end of the crossbar using a wrench.

Place plastic caps, found in the tow kit, onto the bolts at the outer ends of the Sprinter's crossbar.

Place diodes close to the Sprinter's taillights and connect them with a 14 gauge wire to the vehicle or trailer that is being towed in order to wire the tow bar. Apply dielectric grease over the wiring, and place an electrical conduit over the wiring, and then assemble the harness with a clamp.

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