How to Replace the Subwoofer in an Audi S5

The Audi S5 is a luxury sports car from the German brand that comes with a subwoofer under the rear deck behind the seats. The subwoofer can be accessed from the boot of the vehicle. If a blown speaker/subwoofer occurs, the speaker must be replaced. A replacement subwoofer can be purchased through Audi or a parts reseller. Purchasing the subwoofer through Audi is generally more expensive and the same product can usually be found much cheaper through a reseller.

Disconnect the car's battery to prevent a short or electric shock.

Open the truck of the Audi S5 and look for the subwoofer. The magnet of the subwoofer should be clearly visible as it hangs off below the rear deck.

Position yourself under the subwoofer. Unscrew all the screws that hold the subwoofer in place. Use one hand to hold the subwoofer as it will drop once the screws are removed.

Locate the two power wires connected to the subwoofer. Remember which wire goes to the positive power terminal on the subwoofer and which goes to the negative terminal. Disconnect these wires from the subwoofer.

Connect the wires to the replacement subwoofer. Make sure the wiring is correct; keep the positive wire with the positive terminal and the negative wire with the negative terminal. Electrical tape can be used to seal the connection.

Screw the new subwoofer into place.

Connect the battery. Turn on the car and test the speakers.

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