How to Keep Artificial Plants from Fading in the Sun

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Artificial plants are a huge relief for those who enjoy houseplants but are not able to care for them. Over time, however, artificial plants can begin to show signs of age, such as fading.

Typically caused when plants are placed near windows and exposed to UV rays from the sun, fading diminishes the illusion of lush greenery. Avoid the need to replace artificial plants by regularly treating them with a protective, spray-on coating.

Dust or use a damp sponge to wipe down the plant leaves. The artificial plants need to be clean for proper adhesion of the coating.

Set the plants on a protected work surface and ventilate the environment to allow aerosol fumes to escape. Work outside, if possible.

Shake the can well and spray the plants with a light, even layer. Keeping the can moving continuously while spraying to avoid pooling or drips. Spray the interiors of the plants and the undersides of the leaves.

Wipe down the foliage gently with a soft, lint-free cloth to ensure the coating is smeared over all surfaces. Leave the plants until the coating is dry to the touch, then apply a second coat.

Reapply the protective coating every three or four months. Always clean the foliage before applying a new coat.