How to Convert Your Car to a Hybrid

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Hybrid cars are rising in popularity due to the fluctuating and often frustrating price of gasoline, as well as the increase in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Many motorists have chosen to either invest in hybrid or battery-powered vehicles, and some have even gone as far as converting their own gasoline-powered engine to hybrid or electric. Although converting to a hybrid can be costly up front, it can pay for itself over the course of the years, and is much more environmentally friendly than a gasoline-powered engine. With the use of an electrical-vehicle conversion kit, you can convert your gasoline-powered engine to hybrid.

Determine the type of conversion kit is best for the car. This should be based on which kit best suits the type of car you want to convert and the amount of motors required for your vehicle. The number of motors is generally equivalent to the number of drive wheels. Refer to the Electric Car Conversion Kits website to choose the kit best suited for your vehicle. While some kits eliminate the need for gas, others will use gasoline energy to recharge the batteries.

Obtain the conversion kit desired. Ensure that the kit includes steel adaptor plates.

Turn off the car's engine and open the bonnet. Remove the internal combustion engine. If you have chosen a conversion kit that relies on the energy generated from the braking mechanism with the gasoline for power, install a gasoline powered generator to recharge the batteries between charges.

Affix the steel adaptor plates to your car where the engine will be mounted. Tighten the bolts and nuts to secure the adaptor plates into the appropriate position in your vehicle. The steel adaptor plates must be strong enough to hold the weight of the electric motor and stress of acceleration.

Select the electric motors that suit your vehicle, as determined by your research. Cars generally require two to four electric motors to power the vehicle.

Obtain the batteries required to power the vehicle and recharge the hybrid car. Install the batteries and electric motor according to the manufacturer's specifications. Generally, all-wheel-drive vehicles that require four electric motors will need at least two batteries to power the hybrid car.

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