How to Reverse on a BMW K 1200 LT

The BMW K1200LT is a touring-style motorcycle engineered to provide a comfortable ride for long-distance rides. As a fully featured motorcycle, it comes equipped with its own dedicated reverse gear to help make backing the motorcycle up an easier process for riders. Going in reverse on your BMW K1200LT is an easy process that requires just a couple of quick moments, thanks to the motorcycle's inboard reverse gear.

Straddle your BMW motorcycle so that it can be supported by at least one, but ideally both, of your legs.

Turn the motorcycle on by using the ignition key; then switch the bike's gear into "Reverse." This will activate the reverse gear and its lights. Not all motorcycles have reverse gears; however the K1200 LT does include a dedicated reverse gear. It is located on the handlebars on the right-hand side.

Look at the area behind your motorcycle as you back out. The vehicle will move slowly, so you can use your feet to help provide small adjustments of your control over the direction of your reverse motion, in addition to the control provided by the restricted speed within the reverse gear.

Guide the motorcycle out of its parking space, using your feet to help control balance. Once you have backed out, engage the clutch of the motorcycle and get it into its first gear to begin moving forward.

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