How to Check the Filter in a Hotpoint WF541

The Hotpoint WF541 is a front-loading residential automatic washing machine. The WF541 has a pump filter designed to keep the water used by the machine clean and free of debris. The washer may not be able to take in enough water to run a wash cycle if the filter is clogged.

Inspect the filter if the WF541 fails to fill with water at the beginning of a cycle.

Turn off the faucets that the water inlet hoses are connected to.

Pull the top of the kick strip on the lower front area of the washing machine. The kick strip snaps off.

Place a towel under the filter to absorb the small amount of water that will run out when the filter is removed.

Turn the pump filter dial counter-clockwise until it comes out.

Clean the filter with clean water to remove any debris. Inspect the filter for any damage or excessive clogging.

Replace the filter into its socket. Twist the filter clockwise until the arrow printed on the dial reaches the position marked with "Stop."

Replace the kick strip on the front of the WF541. Press on the top of the kick strip to lock it into place. Turn the water supply back on.