How to Repair a Flymo Cord

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Flymo cables provide an electrical power to many of Flymo's garden products, such as lawnmowers, electric chainsaws and electric shears. They are commonly used as extension cords for these tools. Flymo cables are usually very durable and strong; however, they are not immune to outside forces.

If a cord has a tear or rip in the casing, you can repair it without having to replace it.

Unplug the cord from the electrical socket. Inspect the entire cable for rips and tears or exposed cables. Make these areas more visible to you by drawing a large circle around them with a black or red marker so you don't miss them when you're conducting repairs.

Use a pair of cable cutters or scissors to cut away any hanging pieces or torn cord or cable.

Inspect the wiring underneath the casing. If it is intact, you'll be able to repair the area without any further problems. If the wiring is frayed or torn, it may be irreparable.

Paint on or spray liquid electrical tape with a paintbrush. This will form an insulated barrier between the covering and the wire and conceal the exposed wiring. Wait a few minutes for it to dry. Perform this step for each repair that needs to be made. Alternatively, you can cut off a strip of flexible adhesive tape on the exposed or broken part of the cable.

Connect the cable to the device and plug it into an outdoor electrical wall outlet. Turn on the device and test the power to make sure the cable is still working properly.