How do I Fix a Hydraulic Door Stopper?

Hydraulic door stoppers are also known as hydraulic door closers. They are found on heavy doors made of solid metal or aluminium. They are most commonly used in warehouses and in many different office buildings as opposed to residential homes. These closers can withstand much more weight than regular door closers and are much larger. Through constant use, these closers can sustain damage. Repair a damaged closer using a few basic tools.

Locate the adjusting screws on each side of the hydraulic door closer, and loosen them with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the door closer from the frame, and add 3-in-one oil to refill the door closer. Fill up the closer with the oil, and tighten the screws back into place.

Open and close the door to see if the movement has improved or if there is still a problem with the operation of the door. Check the closer for oil leaks along both the top and bottom. Tighten the screws on the back of the closer with a Phillips-head screwdriver if they are loose.

Try the door again to see if it is still catching. Loosen those same screws if the door is still catching. Remove the adjusting screw on the door closer with a flathead screwdriver, and inspect it to check for damage. Look at the bottom of the screw for wear and tear or any other damage that may be causing the problem.

Replace the old screw with a new adjusting screw, and loosen or tighten it until the door closer is working properly. Check again for any oil leaks, and verify that the door is opening and closing smoothly without catching on anything.

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