How to Put a Throw on a Sofa

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Put a throw on a sofa to make weekend napping and late-night cuddling a cosy affair. A throw can also add a design element to your living room, adding a pop of colour to a neutral sofa or softening a bold design. Consider keeping several throws in different colours and weights in a linen closet and bringing them out to put on the sofa during different seasons. A lightweight, bright orange cotton quilt can be hip on a green mid-century modern couch in the summer; a heavy wool plaid can make a traditional couch in a neutral colour feel inviting during the winter.

Select a throw that matches or contrasts with your sofa. Choose a throw in a weight appropriate for the season -- heavier for cooler months, lighter for warmer months.

Fold a large throw in half horizontally. Fold it in half a second time, vertically. Make sure that the decorative side of the throw is facing outward on a throw with a different look on each side.

Place the throw on the armrest of the sofa. Place it behind the side pillow for a neat appearance; place it over the side pillow for a more casual feeling.

Place the throw on the back of the couch, tucking it behind the back pillows or laying it over them, depending on how much of the throw you want to see. Make sure that the folded edge of the throw hangs evenly on a couch with an exposed back.

Completely hide the upholstery of the couch with a throw cover. Tuck the throw cover's longest seam into the crevice where the seat cushions meet the back of the couch. Tuck the throw cover around the arms, behind the couch and under the seams. Smooth the throw cover for a neat appearance. You can slide a dowel rod into the crevice where the seat cushions meet the back of the couch to make the throw cover more snug and secure.

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