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How to Operate Click Clack Couches

Updated February 21, 2017

A click clack couch is a piece of adjustable furniture that converts to a flat sofabed or an upright couch. Some click clack couches also have adjustable arms. Many manufacturers use the click clack system to make their couches adjustable, so it is not limited to just one brand. The system gets its name from the sounds the adjustable pieces make when you move them.

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  1. Push the back of the sofa all the way forward so the back cushions touch the seat cushions. You will hear a loud click noise, which is the locking mechanism of the sofa releasing.

  2. Pull the back of the sofa down to the level you want. As you pass through the adjustable settings, you will hear the clack noise of the locking mechanism moving. Stop at the setting you want or lay the back all the way down to create a flat sofabed or futon bed.

  3. Push the back of the sofa up to the desired position to convert the futon or sofabed back into a couch. Listen for the clicking noise as you raise the back up through the different settings. Once you reach the setting you want, release the sofa back.

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