Homemade lawn deodorizer

Your lawn is what presents your house to the street. People take great pride in their lawns, constantly mowing, fertilising, gardening and removing weeds. Unfortunately, your pets do not have that same respect for the lawn and view it as a giant bathroom and playground.

Even after you pick up after your pets, the odours can linger. Using a few household items, you can help remove those unpleasant odours from your yard.

Spray the lawn with a hose. Do this every couple days to help wash away pungent odours.

Add ½ cup vinegar to a plastic spray bottle. Add ¼ cup mouthwash to the bottle. Fill the rest with water and stir solution.

Spray the affected areas of your lawn with the deodorising solution. The diluted vinegar and mouthwash will work to break down the odours. You may need to make larger batches of the deodoriser, depending on the size of the affected areas.

Repeat every couple days until the odours dissipate.