How to Make Your Own Props for "The Wizard of Oz"

springtime in Kansas image by Jason Branz from

The Wizard of Oz is a musical put on by many theatre companies and communities around the world. The Wizard of Oz is a family-friendly play or musical that is appropriate for actors of all ages. Making the props for this play is a production that will take several weeks or months.

Use your imagination to create the scenes from the musical. You can make many of the props from simple cardboard cutouts scattered across the stage.

Draw the outline of a house onto cardboard and cut it out. Paint it white to look like a traditional Kansas farmhouse. Use the 2-by-4-inch lumber to build a wood framework to hold the cardboard up on stage.

Paint part of the stage backdrop to look like a wheat field.

Place some hay bales on the stage to make the stage look farm-like. Scatter the hay across the stage.

Cut large circles from the polystyrene. Stick the dowel rods through one side of the circles to make lollipops. Cover the lollipops with coloured plastic and secure with a rubber band. Give a lollipop to each character in the Lollipop guild.

Cut out several small house outlines from cardboard to make munchkin houses. Paint the houses with bright colours.

Build a small frame from wood to support each house frame. Nail the house fronts to the frames.

Roll out some paper to spread out across the stage like a road.

Paint the paper yellow.

Draw bricks onto the paper using a large, black marker.

Cut out a cityscape from cardboard. Build a frame to support the cardboard. Paint the cityscape different shades of green. Use this as the far-off prop for the city.

Build several smaller buildings with the cardboard and lumber supports that are green coloured to place around the stage for interior city views.

Give each character a pair of large glasses. In the book, the reason the city is emerald coloured is because each citizen wears glasses with green lenses.