How to attach mini blinds to metal doors

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When you wish to mount mini blinds on a metal door, you have an installation advantage. Because of the metal door, magnetic mini blinds can install quickly and easily to the surface of the door. Leave the tools in the drawer and simply attach the magnetic brackets on the mini blinds exactly where you want them over the window. With the strong magnets inside the brackets, the blinds will stay where you place them on the metal door.

Measure the size of the window in the door. Measure the outside edge (including any trim) of the length and width of the window and write these dimensions down.

Purchase magnetic blinds that will fit over the window. Often, you will find magnetic blinds in two sizes that will fit most door windows -- about 25 inches by 40 inches and 25 inches by 68 inches.

Push a magnetic bracket onto the two top corners of the blinds. Make sure you push the brackets onto the blinds securely.

Place the blinds onto the door over the window, centring the blinds evenly over the window. The magnetic brackets will hold the blinds in place securely.

Attach the bottom brackets of the blinds at the bottom left and right corner of the blinds. the magnets on the brackets will hold the blinds securely over the window.

Open and close the blinds by using the adjustment wand to move the slats. Leave the blinds extended over the entire window so the bottom brackets will hold the blinds tightly.

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