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Instructions for a tefal steamer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Tefal Steam Cuisine 1000 is a tiered food steamer that allows you to cook meats, rice, vegetables and nearly any other type of food that you desire to steam. As long as you follow Tefal's recommended procedure, you can even cook a completely different type of food in each of the steamer's tiers, enabling you to make an entire meal with one appliance. Prior to your first time cooking in the Tefal steamer, you must wash the unit. Wipe the bottom portion, which is the water tank, with a clean cloth and run the remaining pieces through the dishwasher.

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  1. Place the water tank, which is the base of the steamer, on a flat, sturdy surface. Set the turbo ring over the centre of the water tank.

  2. Pour fresh water into the tank, without exceeding the "Maximum" indicator, then pour water into the turbo ring.

  3. Align the juice collector over the water tank and turbo ring. The handles of the collector will line up with the handles of the water tank. Lower the collector into place.

  4. Place the food you wish to cook into the numbered baskets. Foods that cook longer should go into Basket 1, which is the bottom basket, and foods with shorter cooking times go in the second and third baskets.

  5. Set the first basket onto the juice collector. If you are only using the first basket, or if you need to cook the contents of the first basket for a time prior to adding the second basket, put the lid onto Basket 1.

  6. Fill the remaining baskets, if desired. If the foods require the same amount of cooking time, place the baskets on top of each other, with Basket 1 on bottom and Basket 3 on top, before ending with the lid.

  7. Plug the steamer into a wall outlet. Turn the timer to the desired cooking time. For foods that cook for different times, set the timer for the difference between the cooking times and stack the new baskets on when the timer rings. Reset the timer for the new time after adding baskets.

  8. Check the indicator on the outside of the water tank occasionally during the steaming process. If the water level is low, pour water in through the water inlets on the sides of the tank.

  9. Tip

    If you are cooking rice, put the rice into the rice basket, then place the rice basket into one of the numbered steam baskets. Set eggs into the built-in egg holders in the steam baskets to steam them.

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