How to Salvage Abandoned Boats

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Boats, a symbol of luxury, are within reach of the average pocketbook. When economic times falter, however, the boat is often the first expense eliminated. Unfortunately, owners sometimes abandon their boats, leaving state governments to deal with them. State laws vary on when and how agencies can officially declare boats abandoned, but there are ways for those interested in boat salvage to obtain these boats legally at a good price through unclaimed property auctions. Even if you do not wish to acquire the boat, government agencies will reimburse you for the salvage costs.

Consult with a maritime law attorney to learn salvage laws in the state in which you wish to operate

Acquire a suitable boat for boat salvage operations. This boat must be of sufficient size and with sufficient power to haul the type of boats you wish to salvage

Get training for your captain's license and additional training in handling salvage operations.

Get licensed as a marine salvage contractor. Go to your state's business licensing department to apply for a business license and particular permits that cover boat salvage operations. This may also require insurance coverage for both your boat and the abandoned boats you salvage.

Contact your local fish and wildlife commission or motor vehicle department. Either of these agencies may be in charge of contracting for the removal of abandoned boats in your area. Make sure they know you are ready to help with boat salvage to remove abandoned boats from local waterways.

Learn environmental protection requirements for your locality. Abandoned boats may have oil or gas leaks or other problems that create environmental hazards. Know the agencies that will handle the cleanup for these problems so you can call on them when these problems arise.

File court papers to receive reimbursement to recover additional costs you incur while salvaging the abandon boats. This is generally handled through the county clerk of the courts.

File a claim for abandoned property or attend state and local unclaimed property auctions to purchase boats.

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