How to Make Steering Wheels for Go-Karts

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Children of all ages enjoy go-karts. Although you can purchase a go-kart, it is much more affordable to make one from a few purchased parts. Building a go-kart is not a difficult task, and can be done with a modest budget. One of the most important parts of building a go-kart is making the steering wheel. Steering wheel parts can be bought but can also be made from scratch for a lesser price.

Create a plan for how large you want your go-kart to be. The size of the wheel largely depends on the size of the frame.

Cut a wood circle to the diameter of the size you want you your steering wheel to be using a circular saw. Use the chisel and sander to smooth out any rough edges. Do not stop until the wood is in the shape of a perfect circle.

Weld the steel rod. Put on heavy duty gloves. Bend the steel rod around the wooden circle. Cut off any extra length so the rod fits perfectly around wood. Weld the end of the bars together to form a perfect steel circle.

Remove the wooden circle from the steering wheel-shaped steel rod. Weld the rod to the go-kart's hub.

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