How to change a low voltage 2 pin halogen light bulb

Low-voltage lighting requires a transformer to step down 120 volts to 12 volts, letting you use 10 per cent of the electricity of regular line voltage. According to Argus Lighting, halogen bulbs burn up to five times as bright as a standard incandescent bulb. They can last twice as long and produce almost the same lumens as a standard light bulb using less energy. Before you replace your low-voltage two-pin halogen bulb, confirm you have the correct replacement as not all pin widths are the same.

Remove the cover from the low-voltage light fixture. Some fixture's covers twist on counterclockwise while other low-voltage covers are held onto the fixture by screws.

Grab the burnt-out low-voltage halogen bulb with your fingers. Pull the bulb straight out of the two-pin low-voltage socket. Do not twist the bulb as you pull it from the socket.

Wrap the replacement two-pin halogen light bulb in tissue to keep skin oils from depositing on the surface of the bulb. Skin oils can shorten the life of a halogen light bulb. Push the bulb pins into the socket. Do not force the bulb into the socket. If you have to force the bulb, you could have the wrong size two-pin halogen light bulb.

Replace the cover on the low-voltage light fixture.

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