How to dispose of toilets

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Once you have removed an old toilet, you have to figure out what to do with it. If you have removed an older model toilet for a high-efficiency or dual-flush model, you may want to consider recycling the old toilet. Porcelain is highly recyclable. The porcelain from your toilet can be repurposed to make other porcelain objects, crushed into gravel, road or drainage material. However, if your city does not have a recycling program it may be difficult to dispose of your toilet in that manner. In which case, the local landfill is not a terrible option for nontoxic porcelain.

Call your city's waste management department (find the number in the yellow pages or on your city's website). First ask if they have a toilet recycling program. If they do, ask whether they offer pickup or only drop off and if you must remove anything from the toilet before it is recycled. If there is no toilet recycling program in your city, ask when the scheduled day for large trash pickup is in your area. If that is too long to wait or they do not offer it, ask for the location of your local landfill, and you may be able to drop it off yourself.

Prepare the toilet for drop-off/pickup. Double bag the toilet if there are any sharp broken edges. When leaving the toilet kerbside, you may want to lay it on its side or tape the lid down to prevent the toilet being tampered with while it waits. If the toilet is to be recycled, remove the nonporcelain parts of the toilet if directed to.

Place the toilet on the curb in an easily accessible spot. If it is bagged, label it "toilet." Or, transport the toilet to your local landfill or recycling centre.

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