How to repair windshield pits

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While smaller chips in a windshield, known as "pits," may not pose a risk of turning into cracks, they can be dangerous if they obscure your vision. You can repair windshield pits with a special resin-based polymer that fills in pits and is then buffed smooth after it has cured.

While some auto parts stores sell supplies separately, it may be easier, and more cost-effective, to purchase a kit. Keep in mind that kits may not all have the same components and you should confirm you have all the necessary items.

Wash and dry the windshield.

Apply pit resin, one drop at a time, until the pit is filled.

Place a strip of curing film over the resin and apply the ultraviolet light for three minutes.

Rest the area for five minutes and test gently with your fingernail. If the resin feels hard, gently remove the film by scraping with a razor blade.

Remove any excess resin from the top of the repair with the razor blade.

Attach the buffing wheel to the drill or buffer. Apply a few drops of glass polish to the repaired area and work the buffer over the repair by moving the wheel in short circular motions, while applying light pressure.